Ostrowski Genealogy
Several unknown issues still exist, if anyone has more information on these, please send it in so that we can link some critical information on the tree!
  1. Guiseppe Magaraggia appears on a few passenger lists. On the 1927 passenger list, we can be sure it is him because he mentions his wife Emma. However, on the 1927 list he says he was previously in Illinois in the US. Other records show there was Guiseppe as a miner in Michigan. We know from family memories that he was a miner, but then why was he also in Illinois.
  2. Daniel Sword's obituary mentions 2 brothers with different surnames. I'm not sure where the surnames come from. It mentions Mark Rupper of Canton, MI, and Mike Lytle of Grass Lake, Michigan.
A collection of records that have been used as sources and of information are found in this list: