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Treatment of drug and alcohol use disorders needs to be like that of any other chronic relapsing disease, where there is a dedicated team of the right specialists at the right time for as long as it takes and more

Medical doctors that are trained in addiction medicine oversee and treat the entire spectrum of problems that accompany substance use disorders and are able to best determine which treatment approach will be the most effective

Just like any physician specialist, an addiction medicine specialist can follow a patient over time and make appropriate referrals when needed. An addiction medicine specialist can treat and follow you through different levels of care such as hospitalization, residential treatment and or outpatient therapy.

Having a physician manage, treat, advocate, be consulted for, and oversee your treatment can ensure a safe continuum of care as well avoid repeating treatment  approaches that are not working. Physicians are trained to take a multifaceted approach and have access to many more "tools in in the toolbox" then any other provider type.

Being under a physicians care also means you will be screened for the many co occurring problems that often exist with substance use disorders, such as hepatitis, HIV, mood disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, chronic pain to name only a few.

Levels of Care for treatment

Acute care inpatient hospitalization for severe withdrawal

Acute care hospital

Severe withdrawal symptoms need to be medically monitored and managed by licensed healthcare professionals such as medical doctors and nurses. In a hospital setting your symptoms are continuously monitored by licensed, trained nursing staff with a physician  on standby at all times. Immediate resuscitative services are always readily available.

This level of care is recommended for anyone with difficult to manage withdrawal symptoms such as elevated blood pressure or heart rate, dehydration, intractable vomiting, severe anxiety or agitation, hallucinations, disorientation, or other co existing medical conditions.

Residential treatment center licensed for incidental medical services (IMS)

Moderate withdrawal symptoms can be safely managed in a residential treatment center, where trained staff are able to monitor and medicate under a qualified medical practitioner's direction.

Because of the IMS license, the medical practitioner is able to make on site visits in order to prescribe appropriate medical treatment.

Qualified medical practitioners can be medical doctors, physician assistants and/or nurse practitioners practicing within the scope of their license.

Residential treatment Center (no IMS license)

Residential treatment offers a structured environment to stabilize symptoms that are present in early recovery.

If the residential treatment center does not have an IMS license, then any  medical care or evaluation must be done off site in a medical setting, such as a doctor's office, urgent care facility or hospital ER.

Medication that is prescribed by the physician can be taken at the residential treatment center as per the prescribers directions.

Non medical staff at the treatment center must adhere to the prescibers directions for the medication, and may not  change the prescribing instructions

Ambulatory or outpatient detox

In many cases drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be managed in an outpatient setting with on site medical supervision and monitoring.

This is a more economical approach that allows more flexibility and less interruption in one's day to day responsibilities.

If any complications occur, or outpatient treatment is not getting the needed results, arrangements can be made for transfer and admission to a higher level of care

Intensive outpatient treatment and PHP

Detox by itself is usually not enough, and is only the beginning of the recovery journey.

Outpatient treatment reinforces sustained recovery by learning new coping skills, stress management, healthy living, trigger management and relapse prevention

By having a knowledgeable dedicated treatment team working with you, you can learn healthier ways to manage your current life challenges and always feel there is  a safety net in place to prevent relapse.

sober living/mutual self help groups

After you have attained sufficient stability in your own recovery, you want to harness the energy of mutual support self help groups in your local community.

There are many different types of mutual support/self help groups that are available and do not charge any fees.


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